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Qatar Extraction From MOBİD

News & Announcements

Samsun Furniture Businessmen Association (MOBİD) introduced the sector with the B2B meetings held in Qatar within the scope of da BUTİK EXPORT Samsun project.

Intense Interest from Qatar to Companies

All companies of the organization that provides information about the organization of MOBİD’in Halikcan Gündoğdu Board Member responsible for Ur-Ge, the companies in Qatar, he said, attracted great interest.

Interviews with Qatar to Continue

Emphasizer that the positive developments in Qatar, Gundogdu, “Qatar is an important market for the Turkish furniture industry. With this organization, we have introduced the furniture sector of both our country and Samsun. Our valued firms wishing to export furniture to Qatar have taken strong steps towards making mutual business by strengthening the trade bonds further. Our temeswill continue, “he said.

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