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MOBİD Hosts Erhan Usta

News & Announcements

Mobid members met with the independent presidential candidate Erhan Usta of Samsun deputy and Metropolitan municipality.

Samsun furniture businessmen’s Association (MOBID), Samsun MP and Metropolitan Municipality independent presidential candidate Erhan USTA hosted the breakfast program. President of Mobid and Chairman of the Board of Eker sofa Bahattin Eker hosted the program Erhan USTA, furniture businessmen listened to the problems of businessmen and the election promises told.

EKER: “We need a specialization OSB “

Speaking on behalf of Mobid, President Bahattin Eker, “The highest concentration of furniture production in Turkey in the ranking of the provinces until the 2000s in Samsun in the first 10 years after 2000, 33. The sector has regressed, but the industry has its own efforts after 2010, the first 16. It’s up to the line. Furniture Specialist organized industry is needed for the growth of our furniture sector in our province and the increase of employment and the sector representatives living in the production space shortage. Production, employment and export activities are increasing with the aggregation of sector representatives in the specialized industrial zones, “he said.

USTA: “We Do Our Best”

The president of the Metropolitan municipality in the case of the election of the work of Mobid members Erhan Usta, “Depending on the state of the economy of the country, Samsun economy will take the necessary moves to get up. We will reduce the debt of the municipality by making expenditures much more efficient. We need to use our resources properly. To solve your sectoral problems, we need to fully sit and talk to industry representatives. If there is anything the municipality can do about the problems of furniture sector; We’ll do our best. If there is a requirement for the establishment of OSB; We’ll do whatever it takes, “he said.


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