As MOBİD, we are aware that the natural resources on the planet we live in are not unlimited. Our priority goal is to ensure the survival of all individuals in the best conditions, to use the resources economically and to ensure the quality of life without consuming the future as we move towards improving the level of development, economic growth and prosperity.
Using resources best; It is our responsibility to fulfill our responsibilities in economic, environmental and social sustainability. Acting in this direction, we contribute to the development of the country’s economy. We measure, monitor, improve and share our sustainability performance in order for healthy societies to live in economic prosperity and share them with all our stakeholders.
There will be continuity in the services of our association. We will bring presentations and activities to contemporary levels. We are environmentally friendly, respectful to people and will try to make him happy. Our most important reference when producing services is the demands of our tradesmen. Please note that we are at the forefront of communication and sharing, and that our Association is always available.
As the MOBİD family, I can gladly say that we will be able to safely lead to a bright future by evaluating these unique opportunities our country has.
The Republic of Turkey has taken its place among the world’s developed countries in terms of industry. The investments that emerged with the entrepreneurship of our people are important for our country to come to this point. In addition, the growth of the private sector also plays an important role for Turkey. In addition, the strategic position of our country and the dynamic society structure are the main factors that enable us to develop.
Our enterprises, which have all these years of contemporary, honest, honorable, successful and uninterrupted history, have reached today’s with confident steps. It is necessary to emphasize that we are fully satisfied with the institutions, organizations and people we do our jobs.

Thanks to these principles, which are the source of our strong place today, it is our greatest mission to provide the innovations and technology required by the age.
Our success is our entrepreneurial spirit, using the latest technology, our quality, our expert management team, our experienced employees, customer satisfaction, our understanding of service is our basic principles. In this way, by combining this situation with our knowledge and experience in the sector, it reflects the corporate identity of our enterprises in the best way.
As the members of the MOBID, our aim in our projects is to provide a better quality of life for the people and to do our duty in the development of our country.
I would like to extend my deepest thanks to our customers, our economic and social stakeholders for their trust and support, and for their support and trust in the way to success.